Orca Combo Kit


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This kit contains the Orca Reinforcement Kit, plus all of the AR-15 lower parts you will need to complete the lower. In order to complete your build, you will need to purchase a barrel, gas system, bolt carrier group, and charging handle. Or, you can pick up the Complete Orca Kit!

Lower Parts:

  • Carbine Buffer Spring and Mass.
  • Safety Selector with Detent and Spring.
  • Trigger with Spring.
  • Hammer with Spring.
  • Disconnector with Spring.
  • Bolt Hold Open Lever with Roll Pin, Spring, and Plunger.
  • Magazine Catch with Spring and Button.

Reinforcement Parts:

  • Carbon Fiber Nylon Barrel Mount Clamshells. May also be PET-CF.
  • Twelve Carbon Fiber Nylon Orca Clips. Four are spares. May also be PET-CF.
  • Two Hose Clamp Covers.
  • Two Hose Clamps.
  • Fiberglass Sleeve.
  • Four Bushings.
  • Two 10-32 x 1.25″ Screws.
  • 10-32 x 0.75″ Screw.
  • Four 10-32 Threaded Inserts. One is a spare.
  • Ceramic Insert.
  • Two 3/32″ x 1″ Dowel Pins.
  • Two 10-32 x 5/32″ set screws. One is a spare.

In addition to the spare parts in the Reinforcement Kit, a small spare parts bag is added to each Combo Kit. This includes:

  • A Brass Bushing.
  • Safety Selector Detent and Spring.
  • Bolt Hold Open Pin, Spring, And Plunger.

And that is everything in the kit! You will a few other parts to complete the Orca. The upper parts as well as the 3D printed components. For more info, check out the Orca download on the Downloads Page.

Weight 25 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 in


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