This page contains all of our primary downloads for Lowers and Frames. You can find all of our other files on the other download pages available in the menus above or links below. Please note that the files are currently being hosted on Odysee.

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The AR-9 lower is based off the V3.0 Super AR-15 Lower. It is designed to use Glock mags. Both the mag catch and ejector are 3D printed. The only non AR-15 part needed is the 3/32″ x 1″ roll pin for the mag catch. V1.2 is the latest release and fixes several issues with V1.0.

This lower is our “flagship” design. The download contains the Super AR-15 Lower, designed to use our reinforcement kit. And the Basic AR-15 Lower which requires a two inch hose clamp and some 10-32 x 1.25″ bolts and nuts.

This is the Double Rib AR-15 Super Lower. Two ribs is stronger then one, and opens up the right side allowing the use of ambidextrous equipment. The downside is this lower will not work with uppers that employ a forward assist. Slick sides and side chargers only. A larger #28 clamp is required for this lower.

V2.6 is the new LR-308 Super Lower. Compatible with LR-308 / DPMS Gen 1 / SR-25 uppers, this is the lower you need if you want to run 308 or 6.5 Creedmoor uppers.

Some notes on the above designs:

The V2.6 LR-308 is the most advanced design to date. The buffer threads and support have been optimized for printing.

The double rib lower above is the latest release. One very important note is the hose clamp that it uses. The single rib AR-15 uses a #24 clamp. However, the double rib uses the same #28 clamp as the LR-308 lower.

All of the above lowers will require updating at some point, hopefully sooner then later. The built in support material needs a complete redesign. Better support will be easier to remove, and also more effective, especially with more droop prone plastics like Nylon. The Double Rib and LR-308 lowers have the new support added.

Pistol Frames are another thing I would like to design. But I think other designers have done incredible work with frames, so it is a lower priority of mine.

Upper Receivers now have my interest and a design is in the works.

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