There are a number of channels you can use to stay up to date on our content.

The best way to stay up to date without big media censoring content is to be on our email mailing list. We send out updates when new designs are released, as well as the occasional notice when a kit comes back into stock.


Odysee is our alternative platform. All of our videos are posted here. We also use Odysee to host our design files. Definitely worth following on Odysee!

YouTube is our primary platform. Most of our videos are here, but not all. Censorship is a big issue. We use YouTube to reach new people.

Instagram is similar to YouTube in that it’s to find new people. Censorship is not bad, but that could change. Lots of frequent updates can be found on Instagram.

Twitter is where a lot of other 3D printed weapon developers have a presence. If you want to engage and ask questions, Twitter is a good platform.

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