V2.7 Released and a general update

If you head over to the Downloads page you will find that V2.7 of the AR-15 Super Lower is now available. V2.7 is very similar to V2.6 with a few minor improvements. The more important ones are:

  • The profile of the left side has been widened so that a three position selector switch can be used. This will allow you to use binary triggers and other hardware that requires a third position.
  • The area around the bolt hold open has been reworked to allow the use of enhanced bolt hold open levers. In V2.6 there was interference with some bolt hold open levers.
  • Some of the overhangs, such as the top of the buffer threads, have been improved.

At this point there is only minor tweaking needed to the design. The LR-308 lower will also need a similar update to incorporate these improvements.

Going forward I would like to work on a Glock mag 9MM lower, uppers and improved stocks and grips. There is a gentlemen who is currently working on modifying the V2.6 Super Lower to work with Glock mags, if that turns out well I will see if I can get it up on the Community Mods page.

Another thing I think would be nice, would be to revisit the old non reinforced lowers. The ones that printed at a forty five degree angle. While the Super Lower will always be stronger then one printed at an angle, I think it could be made much easier to print and clean up without all of the support and warping problems that come with printing horizontally. Something along the lines of a “Lite” lower.

I was planning on doing a 3D printed upper sooner, but with current pricing and availability of stripped aluminum uppers I don’t think printing can compete. Obviously this could change very quickly, but for now there are more important things such as a comprehensive filament testing method that I need to work on.

Many of you may notice that I have not uploaded a video to YouTube in over a week, this is because YouTube removed another one of my videos for “violating” there community guidelines, and the resulting channel strike prevents me from uploading for a week. The intern in charge of removing it must not know the difference between a “drop in trigger” and a “drop in sear”.

It’s clear that the days of Hoffman Tactical on YouTube are numbered. That’s why I am setting up a backup channel on Odysee. I will continue to publish to YouTube while I can, all video will also be published to Odysee. You can find my Odysee channel under the name of Hoffman Tactical on odysee.com.

This new website has been up for about a month now and is working as it should. You may have noticed that some of the products and prices have been restructured. I am no longer offering lower build kits alone. Instead I am providing Combo Kits. These contain everything needed to complete a lower other then the lower itself, the pistol grip and the stock. All three of these items can be 3D printed at lower cost then I can provide them. With shipping and filament cost you can now build a complete AR-15 lower for under one hundred and seventy dollars. LR-308 lowers will run about twenty dollars more.

That’s all for this post. Keep printing! Oh! And a word of advise, if you have not bought any ammo, now is the time to do it. Prices are down to a reasonable level and probably won’t drop much more.

15 thoughts on “V2.7 Released and a general update”

    1. They have a well done fast site. And they “sync” to YouTube. So I only have to upload to YouTube and they automatically transfer the video to there servers. Pretty cool I say 😉

  1. I find it hilarious that you post his 15 minutes after my first ghost gat (v2.6) finishes its 21hr print. The print was fine, but I did get a lot of stringing fuzz at your higher nozzle temp. My MK3S has always had stringing issues with PLA about 210C, so no big surprise.

    Have you tried a multi color print? I have the MMU2S and I may try a red & white stripes up to a blue buffer tower.

    1. The high temps definitely have more stringing . But I have found that there is less curling.
      I have not tried any multi material prints. There may be an advantage to layering different plastics. Say CF and non CF Nylon.

  2. Musta Krakish

    Yes please do another non-reinforced lower at 45 degree orientation! I feel that with some materials, such as PC, it will work just fine without reinforcements, and at the same time will be less likely to warp off the bed.

    PS If you get a chance, please try the Polymaker Polymax PC blend, it positively rocks (unless it warps).

    1. On my last non reinforced lower design, I tried a PC blend, and it failed almost right away. It’s because of the shrinkage one of the layers “split” and that is where it failed. A good PLA+ or possibly a Nylon will probably be the best options. Though I’ll have to try that Polymaker PC.

    1. I just got the parts for a 9MM upper, so I can now start working on a lower. One problem will be finding parts for the ejector and mag catch. As well as something for the LRBO.

  3. Flatlander58

    Where is the “Community Mods” page located? I would be very interested in the glock mag Super Lower.

  4. You are doing great work my friend.

    I printed an AR15 lower to build a 9mm PCC, not sure if I’ll get the mag adapter for glock mags or just use converted standard AR15 mags. I’ll share a video when it’s all together.

    Any additional considerations for the 308 lower or just treat it the same as the AR15?


    1. I also just got a 9MM upper, and will be using a converted mag for now. The process for the LR-308 is very similar to the AR-15. The assembly is a little bit different. The primary change is how the bolt hold open pin is installed.

  5. Brownells has a bottom loading conversion block from a standard magazine well AR-15 to a 9mm AR-15. While we wait for both the Glock and Colt AR9 perhaps you can do a quick design for a printable conversion block? Brownells’ conversion block is for glock. Both conversion blocks would be nice. 8^)

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