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With the deadline looming only a few days away, time to comment on the two proposed rules that the ATF has published grows short. In the past comments from the public have been effective at deterring the ATF from enacting new antigun rules. And yes, that was a redundant statement. This time around the ATF and those behind them appear to be playing for keeps, so all of our comments will probably end up in the proverbial paper shredder.

However, since it cost nothing to make a comment, there is no reason not to do so. Below I will link to each proposed rule where you can then submit your comment.

There are two rules that the ATF has proposed. One of them pertaining to pistol braces and the other to what defines a frame or receiver. To be completely honest, I don’t fully understand either of these or what exactly they will do, but I will try to summaries the two rules below. But first, here is a great video by Fudd Busters on how to write a comment on a proposed rule making.

And now for a look at the proposed rules!


Here you can read and comment on this rule:

Basically, if this passes, most AR pistols that are equipped with stabilizing braces will become SBR’s. SBR stands for “Short Barreled Rifle” and are regulated by the NFA, or National Firearms Act. These AR pistols are currently legally held by hundreds of thousands of Americans.

My thoughts are: The NFA was enacted to eliminate crime and restrict weapons in use by criminals. Pistols that are equipped with stabilizing braces are very rarely used to commit crime. The same is true for any NFA item. Really, the NFA needs to go. Because stabilizing brace equipped firearms are not used in crime, regulating them will not reduce crime.

The proposed rule will be unenforceable. The cost of enforcing a rule that criminalizes such a large number of citizens will out weigh the non existent benefits.

The proposed rule is not consistent with established firearm handling practice. The ability to fire a weapon with a single hand is used in the process of determining whether a firearm is a pistol or an SBR. The use of two hands is the established method of firing a pistol, and two hands should be used in the process of determining whether a firearm is a pistol or SBR.

The process of determining whether a firearm is a pistol or an SBR is highly subjective to the individual conducting the test. A large individual may feel that a firearm is a pistol, and a small individual may feel that the very same firearm is an SBR.

And my last though, similar to my first: The proposed rule will create much grief and will yield no benefit. The ATF’s job is to keep us safe by combating violent crime. Stabilizing braces are not used in or for crime. Hence regulating them will result in no benefit to the people of the United States.


Here is the link where you can comment:

This one is even more vague. It may allow the ATF to regulate AR uppers as firearms. It does two distinct things. With lots of talk about “personally made firearms” (PMF’s) or “ghost guns” (way cooler!). A lot of this talk is about how FFL’s and other licensed entities should handle and mark ghost guns, so I don’t think this will effect home builders directly. However, redefining what a firearm is will effect us. Printing uppers is possible, but a pain.

Congress defined what a firearm is when they passed the GCA. If technologies or circumstances have changed, then it is congresses job to update or change the law to reflect the changes in the environment as they see fit. This matter is too great to be handled by any other then congress. The law states quite clearly what a firearm is. If this needs to be updated, congress is the only one to do it.

That’s about all I have to say on the matter. There are many very good comments that have already been filed. Well over 100,000 on each proposed rule. I have also commented. Watch Fud Busters video, keep things to the point. Follow the links above and leave your comments now! You only have to cover one of the things you see wrong with the proposed rule, at this point we are simply trying to show the ATF that there are lots of people out here that know what they are up to and don’t approve of there actions.

4 thoughts on “Commenting on the proposed ATF rule(s)”

  1. Art Svensson

    Alcohol Prohibition resulted in the massive growth of organized crime. The ATF was created to counteract these gangs. Prohibition was abolished. The ATF, having outlived its original purpose, should likewise be abolished.

    1. Kevin MIller

      You will want to watch out. Gangster’s Deciples, aka Growth and Development, or blue/black has teamed up with red/white, the KKK, and the ATF to cause people to have indiscressionate behavior patterns, and mask their substance abuse disorders as counter terrorism mechanisms utalizing telepathy. What the ATF is doing right now is considered to be terrorism by HSD standards, but since HDS has taken over the National Security spectrum, these malicious tactics are not deemed to be a terrorist imposition, so long as they are within the scope of excusability from the scope of the federal government. WIth BIden being one of the leaders of FOLKS, For Our Life Knowlege Strength, but not a member of FELLAS, as Trump was, another more freedom based group set, the idea of taking over the US through government sponsored events of telepathic, or sociological entanglement, means has been progressed as the main focus. Despite this trutly being a violation of “sepiration of church and state”, since the government in large has hidden the mechanisms of entanglement, outside the scope of a few experiments involving tardives, there has been little to no actual evidence to support the realities hidden in libraries that they house in the underground bunker networks. I guess all I can say at the end of this “rant” if you want to call it that, is to be careful in how you think, and how you feel. These people spend hours upon hours training themselves to turn the wheel of a car to make you crash, or get you to trip and fall over objects on the floor. The blue/black leadership which is based in “left” or creative thinking is not like the old blue/black “right” based leadership groups durring the days of Obama. “Left” is based in creative thinking or deception, and the left is doing everything they can to fabricate situations, and cause problems with people which train emotional cues into social networks to prevent typically rational people from aquiring fire arms, in any way. Ultimatly if you can not fight back in any physical means, then the networks utalizing substance dependence, and mental illness, such as dyslexia, which is one of my favorite and most complicated mechanisms of telepathic backwardization, will be able to rein as supreme in fource all accross the united states. In addition to this, the majority of the narcotics are also provided by the underground, and distributed by the United States government and military. Primarily behing synthetic variations which have been engineered during the time of cloud computation. So things like synthetic Adrenochrome, which is actually responsible for the majority of mass shootings in the United States, either via forign interventionalism, or terrorist communities, goes unchecked as a make believe mechanism of group control. These same people who are trying to control the drugs, are also trying to control the guns. And of course, trying to control the cops, which only makes sense if you are a drug kingpin. If they can get rid of the guns outside deputization, there are fewer variables they have to control to keep the drug monopoly that the USG has obtained and maintained since the Trump era when they went to war with the Mexican cartels and closed the borders. Of course if you watched videos of the riots durring the time of George Floid, you would see people with signs held up that said “give me back my ice”. These kind of things tell people who watched the truth go down, that this riot event was far more about who controlled the narcotics, then racism. And after all, “He who controls the spice, controls the world.”

      My point in all that is watch your ass kid. You are young, and you are fighting a monster that is beyond any single man’s years to compete with. These bunkers have been expanding since WWII when the first nuke was made. And these people in the ATF are trying to establish an example of power that they hold beyond congressional and democratic mandates. If they can have the audacity to try and overtake US law in front of the US population, killing a teenager like yourself wouldn’t mean much. If you think it doesn’t happen that way, take a scroll through history, and ask the questions. Good luck.

  2. John Q Public

    ATF Agents: cooperate with honest authorities, confess to your crimes against the American People and we may release you back into society with limited freedoms, such as delivering my post mates order. Or, there’s always suicide weekend.
    The choice is yours – choose wisely.

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