Why don’t you use (Insert Clamp Here) instead of a worm-drive hose clamp?

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Because of the drawbacks being greater then the advantages. However, I don’t know of all the clamp types. So if you see a uncommon clamp that you think will work, let me know! If it’s a common type, I’ve probably already checked it out.

Before you can find a better solution, you have to find the problems with the current one. The issue with the worm-drive clamp is that the drive mechanism is large and protrudes from the side of the lower. That’s it. So for any other solution to be better, it needs to be more streamlined, while also meeting all of the requirements that the worm-drive clamp meets.

Other clamp types don’t meet both of these requirements. Common problems:

  • Not more streamlined.
  • Too thick / stiff to conform to the non-round section of the buffer tower.
  • Not as strong

Not to say that there are not better options to the hose clamp! There are, and I am working on it 😉

2 thoughts on “Why don’t you use (Insert Clamp Here) instead of a worm-drive hose clamp?”

  1. Have you or anyone you have seen use a single ear style clamp for this purpose? They are stainless and very clean looking, I don’t see a reason right off that it wouldn’t fit the bill.

    1. As in a crimp style? The issue is they are no more streamlined than a wormdrive clamp. You can’t reuse them, they are not available in the needed widths, and they require a $20+ tool.

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