What slicer settings do you use?

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Great question, also one without a direct answer. Why? Because the settings you use depend on the part you are slicing, the filament, and the printer you are using. It’s also not that complicated. Copying someone else’s settings may appear easy, but won’t teach you anything, and when you need to slice a new part, or trouble shoot an issue, you will struggle.

I like to start with the slicers default profile for the printer I am using. Tweak that until you get a good 3DBenchy. Don’t worry about printing a strong part, work on print quality first. After that, adjust your wall count, infill type and density, line width, and layer height to get the part to the needed strength.

This is a bit over simplified, but it outlines the basic process. Focus on print quality, and then on printing strong firearm parts. While you can jump right into doing lower receivers and frames, I think it better to print smaller items to get things dialed in first.

Check out the page on slicer settings for more details.

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