AR-9 Combo Kit


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This kit contains all of the non-printed parts needed to complete the AR-9 Super Lower. This kit is shipped with a heavy eight ounce AR-9 buffer mass, which is essential for the reliable operation of most AR-9’s.

Included in this kit:

  • Reinforcement Kit, this is the same as the AR-15 Reinforcement Kit.
  • AR-9 Roll Pin, this is the pivot pin for the magazine catch lever.
  • Complete Lower Parts Kit, Trigger, Hammer, Pins, Springs, Etc…
  • Complete Carbine Buffer Tube Kit with heavy AR-9 buffer mass.
  • Spare Parts Kit, commonly lost small parts.

You do not need to purchase the AR-9 roll pin or a reinforcement kit separately. They are both included in this kit.

Weight 22 oz


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