Choosing the right filament.

Why don’t you use PETG?

PETG has poor mechanical properties. It’s largest problem is with impact resistance. If you bend or feel a PETG part, it appears ductile and you would think impact resistant. However, under sharp impact, PETG shatters and has very poor impact resistance. PETG does have better temperature resistance then PLA+, but it’s not enough to make …

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Why don’t you use ABS / ASA?

ABS and ASA have similar mechanical properties, though ASA is more stable and generally better. I do not use these plastics when printing firearms parts because of there poor mechanical properties. The tensile strength tends to be low, and layer adhesion can be very poor without a heated chamber. ABS / ASA does have the …

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What temperatures should I use?

Nozzle temps and bed temps depend on the filament you are using, your printer, and even the type of part you are thinking. I normally set the nozzle temp in the middle or higher end of the manufactures recommended temp. Higher temps are not always better. Your bed temp should also follow the manufactures recommendations …

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What filament do you use?

Tough question. We use a number of different filaments. There are always pro’s and con’s. Check out our page dedicated to filaments under the “Learn” menu.

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