This page is being redone. I will add my updated testing data here. For now I recommend Keene Village Plastic Performance PLA for a easy to print option. Push Plastic Carbon Fiber Nylon for a all around good option. If you want the lowest cost option out there, go with eSun PLA+.

The below chart is the horizontal test data for a range of filaments. Units for tensile tests are always in Pounds per Square Inch. Keep in mind that this data does not reflect things like layer adhesion, impact resistance, and heat deflection temperature. So higher on the chart does not mean it is better.

Below is a chart that reflects impact test data. Take this data with a very large grain of salt! This data reflects how much energy was needed to break a sample. How the sample breaks is not reflected by this chart. For an example the PCTG appears to be better then the Alloy 910, but this is not the case since the Alloy 910 tares when it breaks, while the PCTG shatters. Still, this data is good for general comparisons. For an example. the Keene Village Plastics PLA is much better in impact then the eSun PLA+.

Layer adhesion testing will require more testing, as it is more complex.

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