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Lowers and Frames are great! But you need other parts to achieve the full potential of the weapon system. Here you will find print files for Stocks, Grips, Test Prints, and Trigger Mods.

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A test print that will allow you to fine tune your print settings before committing to an entire lower print.

This is the Gen 2 Modular Stock System designed to work with all of the Hoffman Tactical lowers. There are several lengths and options for TPU butt pads. A compatible Pistol Stabilizing Brace is included in the download.

This is the latest pistol grip design. I am standardizing the backstrap on all of my lowers, so the same grip will work for everything. This package also includes grips for “mil-spec” lowers and our older V3.0 AR-15 lower. Stippling is included in the download.

Some notes on the above, and future, accessories:

The Buffer Thread Test Print is a handy tool for getting your print settings close, however, it can’t make them perfect. For an example, adjusting scaling accurately can only be done after printing an entire lower and fitting it to an upper. But I do think that this small print is useful for getting close and trying out your print settings.

The Gen 2 Stocks are a little out dated at this point. They are the most recent design, but I think they could use a lot of improvements. A positive retention system, slimmer profile, thinner butt pad, and ambidextrous sling mount to name a few. I would also like to design a wall mounted hanger that the stocks can rest in. Allowing easy storage and quick access to the weapon.

More improvements and accessories will come with time. If you have a suggestion or question, let me know!

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