3D printing and 3D printed guns are the primary focus at Hoffman Tactical. Things were not always this way.

Hoffman Tactical started out manufacturing water proof covers for electronic hearing protection, this was back in late 2019. From there I moved into 3D printing. Several 3D printed products followed, with most of them being related to MOLLE / PALS accessories.

Just to do it, I wanted to 3D print an AR-15 lower, but was only able to find one file for a non reinforced lower on Pinshape.com. This was before the big growth in 3D printed firearms in late 2020. Not content with files I found online, I designed my own basic lower. It was not reinforced and lasted two shots. I beefed it up and reprinted. This second lower lasted five rounds. I knew something had to change. This was when I came up with the support rib concept. The next lower I printed used the support rib. It fired over sixty rounds. This was early July 2020.

From there the rest is history!

If you want more details on the development of the Super Lower, check out the History page!

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